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Canberra's Cyber Ecosystem Offers You...

Cyber Careers

Build your cyber career working on exciting projects.

Cyber Business Opportunities

Start or grow your cyber business in Canberra, surrounded with world-class resources.

Cyber Education and Training

Develop your cyber skills with courses for any stage of your education and career.

Cyber Research and Innovation

Drive the future of cyber with the brightest minds in cyber security.

Canberra is where industry meets government and researchers to solve the big problems in cyber security. Working and studying in Canberra cyber gets you close to the best resources and opportunities. The Canberra Cyber Hub connects and strengthens the unique Canberra cyber ecosystem.


Co-designed in Canberra

Demand for skilled workers in cyber security is booming, while careers in the industry are getting more diverse.

The Canberra Cyber Hub has been co-designed and is being co-led with Canberra’s cyber ecosystem, and funded by the ACT Government, to help close the cyber security skills gap.

Canberra Cyber Hub role

Our cyber security ecosystem is already one of Canberra's competitive advantages. The Canberra Cyber Hub helps it continue to grow.