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The main purpose of cyber security is to protect an organisation’s assets from threats – both external and internal. These threats might be from human error, malicious attacks, or even natural disasters.

An organisation’s assets are made up of multiple systems. For an organisation to have good ‘security posture’, these systems must work effectively, efficiently and in harmony. Cyber security professionals make this happen.

Why choose cyber

Choosing to study or work in cyber security is a good decision, no matter what stage you’re at in your career. It’s a diverse industry with exciting, high-paying jobs. There are plenty of them, and they’re only going to increase.

There are many reasons cyber security is being called the ‘future of work’. Governments and private enterprises across Australia need more cyber professionals across all sectors and locations. 

In cyber, you’ll find a rewarding career that aligns with your interests, skills and goals. Plus, being in Canberra, you’ll be close to the highest density of organisations in need of your skills.

What jobs are available in cyber security?

As the cyber security industry continues to grow, the job market is constantly evolving and the industry has many rewarding careers in:

  • Security and Response - investigate and mitigate threats, and respond to crises to preserve property, information security and safety
  • Data and Analysis - prevent and quickly identify malicious activity through understanding patterns and behaviours in data.
  • Education and Training - teach or train people on different roles in cyber, or develop courses, methods, and techniques in cyber education.
  • Legal and Privacy - prepare specialist advice on legal aspects of cyber, or advocate on cyber policy.
  • Management and Support - manage and lead cyber work and workers. Support staff with deep knowledge of IT systems to deliver safety outcomes.
  • Development and Infrastructure - develop system concepts, administer infrastructure or write code for applications

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What is it like to work in cyber?

Choosing a career in cyber brings lots of benefits to you and the community.

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