Pathways to Cyber Security

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Welcome to the Canberra Cyber Hub Cyber Career Vacancy page, where your journey towards a rewarding career in cyber begins. We are thrilled to present a diverse range of job opportunities that offer you the chance to join a dynamic team, contribute to meaningful projects, and grow both professionally and personally.


Whether you are a seasoned professional seeking new challenges or a fresh graduate eager to kick start your career, our job vacancies span across various disciplines and offer a range of growth opportunities. Join us in shaping the future cyber landscape as you launch or grow your career in cyber. Your potential awaits.

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Pathways to Cyber Security

The roles within cyber security are diverse, as are people's career pathway to joining this ever-growing industry.  We recently sat down with five of Canberra’s prominent female founders and executives to discuss their roles and to understand their journey into the cyber security industry. They shared advice and tips for people, like yourself, looking to transition into the cyber security industry.

Canberra's Inspiring Women in Cyber