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POSTED ON 11-August-22

One of the coolest cities in Australia, and we’re not just talking about the temperature, Canberra is an expanding city featuring exceptional job opportunities, immersive culture experiences, and a great dining scene.


Whether you’re a former local wanting to come home, an interested reader ready for a change, or someone looking to take the next step forward in your career, we’ve rounded up a list of reasons why Canberra is the best city to thrive in every aspect of life.


  • Finding a career you love is made easy with Canberra’s innovative workforce. With a healthy mix of public and private sectors, there is always an abundance of career opportunities that fit a range of skills and personal values.


  • Peak hour traffic... never heard of it.


  • A greener future is a better future. Canberra has a 100% renewable energy supply with continued efforts placed on reducing plastic waste and carbon emissions in future years.


  • Compared to the other major cities in Australia, Canberra’s parking rates and the option to ‘park and ride [public transport]’, are at an accessible price point meaning you don't have to cut out your morning coffee once you’ve arrived safely to your destination.


  • Featuring fine and fun dining options and a creative bar scene, Canberra is making a big impact on Australia’s food and beverage scene. From regular foodie hotspots such as Lonsdale Street in Braddon to hidden gems in suburb centres, there is something mouth-watering and delicious behind every corner.


  • Accessibility is key. With only 38 minutes between Canberra’s far south and top north ends, you’re never too far from adventure. Whether it be for weekend catchups or a couple of extra minutes in bed in the morning, Canberra makes the everyday easy with its close connectivity.


  • A city where everyone belongs. Aside from Canberran’s being warm, friendly, and sociable beings, they’re also a diverse bunch with more than 26% of Canberran’s hailing from overseas, and one in four speaks a language other than English.

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