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POSTED ON 09-June-23

The Canberra Cyber Hub is pleased to announce Sovereign Cyber Capability Unlocked at the National Press Club, Canberra, on 22 June 2023.


The purpose of this event is to showcase Canberra's innovative cyber capabilities to Global Supply Chain organisations and prime contractors with the view to foster collaboration and create opportunities for partnering on prime contract delivery.


The program features 11 leading Canberra scale-ups delivering short pitches on their unique cyber expertise and 15 companies demonstrating their sovereign cyber capabilities at a mini trade exhibition.


Sovereign Cyber Capability Unlocked features:



Apporetum is an Identity and Access Management software that lets your organisation take control of all the accounts and entitlements quickly and easily in your ecosystem. Finally, you can see, control and report on access across your ecosystem (legacy and cloud) in a single pane of glass.

Offering businesses, a modern, centralised platform to manage and govern identities, accounts, and access, Apporetum has two main feature pillars – Identity and Access Management. By leveraging your existing investments in Microsoft Entra and Azure AD, Apporetum provides insights and control over resource access.


archTIS Limited is a provider of innovative software solutions for the secure collaboration of sensitive information. The company’s award-winning data-centric information security solutions protect the world’s most sensitive content in government, defence, supply chain, enterprises and regulated industries through highly granular attribute-based access and control policies.

archTIS’s products include Kojensi, a multi-government certified platform for the secure access, sharing and collaboration of sensitive and classified information; and NC Protect for enhanced information protection for file access and sharing, messaging, and emailing of sensitive and classified content across Microsoft 365 apps, Nutanix Files and Windows file shares.

Aristotle Metadata

Aristotle Metadata delivers high-quality accessible metadata solutions that enable clients to maximise the value of their data. Their services help organisations of all shapes and sizes record information about their data, so they can provide evidence-based, positive outcomes for their stakeholders.

Aristotle Metadata’s cloud-based software provides a unique and comprehensive solution for managing statistical and metadata information. Their platform offers a collaborative environment for standards development, supports multilingual terminology, and meets international standards such as ISO/IEC 11179 and ISO19115. With their cyber capability, Aristotle Cloud Services ensures secure data management, sharing, and documentation for government and defence agencies worldwide.


Castlepoint Systems

Castlepoint Systems is a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) company that provides a suite of solutions to help organisations manage and protect information. The Castlepoint GRC Platform is a powerful AI-driven information management, eDiscovery, governance, risk, and compliance solution that is the fastest, easiest way to find, manage, protect and de-risk all an organisation’s information in a single interface.

The GRC Platform offers a complete view across the whole environment, security and compliance processes can be applied to protect information, manage risk, and comply with regulations to improve their overall security posture.

Cogito Group

Cogito Group provides managed cyber security solutions for both federal and private organisations providing critical infrastructure across Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the world. Their managed cyber security solutions include Digital Identity, Systems Integration, and authentication solutions including the integration of PACS and LACS.

Cogito has developed an award-winning capability called Jellyfish. A fully integrated Command and Control System that gives several base security services in one single pane of glass. One interface connects disparate components such as IdaM, PKI, OTP, SSO, Password Management, PACS, LACS, LDAP, MDM, Monitoring, and audit.



Cyconsol is a premium cyber security firm specialising in the delivery of cyber security, human resources and ICT-related business consulting and training services. Cyconsol consultants provide support to a range of organisations, utilising quality techniques and approaches to improve security and risk profiles.

Cyconsol’s services include IRAP assessments, information security auditing, and threat and risk assessments. The team advises their clients on secure systems, as well as designs, builds and operates platforms to help them remain secure.



FifthDomain is a scale-up taking on the global cyber security skills shortage, with leading cyber skills development technologies that identify, develop, and retain cyber talent.

Since starting in 2015, FifthDomain has grown its cyber security operator experience to help organisations make the most of their cyber workforce. FifthDomain has translated its experience in cyber skills development and cyber operations into specialist workforce management and learning tools, and the team’s cyber techniques training labs, skills assessments and capture-the-flag competitions are trusted by the government and enterprises. Their technologies are your secret weapon in the war for cyber talent.


Introspectus was founded to create innovative software that helps organisations make better-informed decisions about their IT resource. Now, Introspectus is a trusted IT partner for organisations around the world.

Introspectus offers two key products – Introspectus Assessor and Introspectus Core services such as IT auditing, internet usage tracking, application usage performance, and more. Introspectus Assessor provides assurance of the organisation's Essential Eight Maturity through automated, real-time assessment: management and detailed reporting of your current posture down to the endpoint level. They also provide remediation advice helping staff understand what to implement and where to achieve compliance.



Ionize is a recognised leader in cyber security consultancy & managed services covering the complete cyber security lifecycle from education & awareness, alignment, Governance Risk and Compliance, penetration testing, and security operations monitoring in an integrated program of continuous readiness and improvement.

Ionize offers organisations expert support with secure managed service (SOCaaS), cyber security governance, risk & compliance (GRC), and cyber security assessments to provide a comprehensive understanding of an organisation’s cyber security posture. Ionize’s services are tailored to the specific needs of each client, with a team of experienced security professionals who are passionate about helping their clients protect their data and systems.


Penten is cyber technology company focused on innovation in secure mobility, applied AI and tactical communications security. Penten is dedicated to strengthening the nation's security and prosperity through new and innovative technology, with a mission to deliver cutting-edge security technologies that protect Australia’s cyber security position.

Penten’s Altocrypt family of secure mobility solutions enable mobile secure access to classified information for government. The AltoCrypt product suite enables new and approved ways to access classified information, enhancing effectiveness and precision. Penten’s HoneyTrace and CBG technologies use AI to deliver the most advanced active cyber defence and training tools at scale, enhancing resilience and deterrence.

Penten is committed to being the best place to work, and a trusted provider of innovative capability.


Solution Tech

Solution Tech is a team of experienced cyber security experts who are dedicated to protecting Australian businesses from cyber threats. Their team of experienced cyber security experts and defence members provides advice on cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to identify and mitigate cyber threats before they can cause damage.

Solution Tech offers a comprehensive range of cyber security services, including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, security audits, and incident response planning, going beyond essential 8 and ISM controls to help clients safeguard their data and systems from external and internal threats.


Teron Labs

Teron Labs is an accredited FIPS 140 and Common Criteria lab with a goal to help organisations gain certifications in a timely manner. Their services include working closely with clients throughout the product development process to make sure their products are certified without encountering any roadblocks.

The formal test and evaluation of cyber security is an important process in providing assurance. With a dedicated team of experts in cryptography, hardware and software engineering, entropy analysis and post-quantum cryptography, Teron Labs provides a one-stop shop for our client’s security assurance requirements.



Willyama Services is Australia’s only 100% indigenous-owned and operated cyber security services firm. Willyama delivers quality technical outcomes while seeking to create Indigenous employment opportunities where possible.

Willyama offers services including business strategy & consulting, enterprise cyber security, security testing and compliance, and cloud security solutions to all levels of Government Departments, Defence Primes including supply chains, international corporations, and the Australian industry sectors.


Viden Labs

Viden is a sovereign-owned, professional service and cyber security company. Headquartered in Canberra, but with team members located across Brisbane, Melbourne, and Newcastle, Viden works alongside its government clients to deliver or support some of Australia’s most critical and cutting-edge capabilities, projects and programs. Viden offers consultancy services in project management, cyber security, systems engineering, business analysis, and integrated logistics support.

As a veteran-centric company, Viden’s team of 100% security-cleared personnel, have extensive operational experience across the land, air, maritime, space and cyber domains. Currently, Viden operates two distinct business units: Viden Consulting (Professional Project Delivery Services) and Viden Labs (Information Technology Assurance and Evaluation Services).



x-RD is a technology company focused on boundaries with security, automation, and AI in secure environments. Their services include automation & experimentation, cyber security solutions and artificial intelligence & machine learning.

x-RD's product - SecD3v, is a first-of-its-kind Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that provides customers with a sovereign, IRAP-protected all-in-one secure DevSecOps platform. Australian businesses now have access to government-grade secure technologies and environments and can focus on delivering software and services at speed without worrying about support or security.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to network and connect with up to 140 representatives from Canberra’s diverse cyber ecosystem. 


The Canberra Cyber Hub thanks Fortinet for sponsoring this event.