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POSTED ON 01-July-22

The Canberra Cyber Hub and the Digital Skills Organisation (DSO) co-hosted the third and final workshop on closing the skills gap in Canberra’s cyber security workforce.


The series brought together local employers to collaborate on a new, innovative work-integrated training approach to address the cyber skills shortage experienced by all facets of the industry.


The employer and training providers who participated in the third workshop were presented with several pilot project options based on the information gathered in the first two workshops.


The workshop resulted in several key takeaways, with the DSO project team collecting all input necessary for developing the skills development implementation plan for the project to close the cyber skills gap in Canberra.


Canberra Cyber Hub - Part 3


Some of the sessions high-level items to be implemented include:

  • Employers nominated several key entry-level job roles as the focus of the Canberra Cyber Hub Pilot project.
  • Participants endorsed a training delivery model based on micro-credentials to prepare workers for these cyber roles. While micro-credentials emphasise expertise in the workplace aligned to the DSO Digital Skills Standards, each training provider will ensure that educational accreditation standards are adhered to within the micro-credentials under their control.
  • The participants chose a hybrid delivery model in which block training focused on specific skill clusters was followed by practice-based learning at work to immediately apply the acquired skills in an authentic workplace setting.
  • The participants also highly supported the utilization of a work-integrated learning platform to support practice-based training and ensure consistency in training provision.