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POSTED ON 06-July-22

With a newly opened Canberra-based head office, we sat down with Solution Tech founder Roy Borekar to learn his cyber story.


Meet Roy Borekar, Founder of Solution Tech.

After working in IT for 15 years, Roy Borekar decided to start his own company, Solution Tech, in 2016.


Providing an inclusive array of services, the Australian-based company is your one-stop shop for all things IT.


Initially located in Perth, Solution Tech expanded into the Canberra market in 2019, allowing the company to grow and acquire two smaller IT companies in Perth. From there, Solution Tech has started to call Canberra home with their brand-new HQ opening in Braddon.


Furthermore, and assisting in the development of the cyber industry, Solution Tech has developed a unique 12-weeks intensive cybersecurity pathway program for cybersecurity graduates & Veterans who are looking to gain civilian employment.


How did you get into cybersecurity?


I did my Masters in IT in 2003, specialising in cybersecurity, although it was not really an attractive or hot topic back then. Cybersecurity has come a long way since. In the last 5 years, I have been focusing heavily on cybersecurity given the current climate and my 15+ years of experience are coming in very handy to learn and adopt new cybersecurity measures and principles.


What do you see as your customer’s biggest pain point?


Cybersecurity is not one thing or something that you do once. It’s consistent protection, alerts, and awareness which most customers can't keep up with, especially if they are not in IT. This is where we come in. We become the trusted cybersecurity partner, advisor, and integrator for your business.


What advice do you have for those who wish to pursue a career in the industry?


It takes consistent learning, improvement of new skills and knowledge, and keeping up with the latest trends and threats.


Thankfully, we’re in an industry that has multiple career pathways and varying streams. You just have to start somewhere and as you learn and understand the pathway will clear itself.


What advice do you have for everyday Australians about cybersecurity?


Find out what basic steps you can take and implement them first, such as a strong password and setting up multi-factor authentication, then slowly improve from there.