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POSTED ON 09-August-22

We caught up with Sophie Wade of Modern Methodologies to talk about how they’ve continued to go from strength to strength after participating in the 2021 Cyber Accelerator Program.


Introducing Modern Metholodiges

Founded in 2020, Modern Methodologies is a Canberra-based company offering modern, tailor-made Identity and Access Management (IAM) services for organisations across Australia.


Working in partnership with their clients (government, corporate, and education), Modern Methodologies specialises in assisting organisations to determine what they need from their IAM services to meet their corporate objectives.


Tell us about yourself:

As a company, we strive to deliver quality outcomes and value to our clients and are always looking to build and support long-term partnerships. Our philosophy and approach is to leave clients better than we found them. Improving efficiency, security, and adding value is what we love to do.


With a team of highly experienced business analysts, developers, architects, engineers, and consultants, Modern Methodologies specialises in delivering a holistic design, implementation, and engineering service across a broad range of IAM services.


How do your services alleviate your customer’s pain points?

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach: The Modern Approach. We take the time to understand who a business is at its core and what it needs from its Identity Services. We then propose solutions in understandable, easy-to-grasp language with realistic timelines and, working directly with our clients, help to deliver transformative outcomes that manage their cyber risk.


Specialised services we provide to our clients include, but are not limited to; IAM Strategy, Roadmap and Architecture, IAM Engineering and Development Services, Access Reviews as a Service, Privileged Access Management, Modern Device Management, Directory Services (on premises), Cloud Identity Services, End User Services, Infrastructure Services.


What inspired you to apply for the 2021 Cyber Accelerator Program?

I came across the program advertised on the Canberra Innovation Network’s website and knew straight away it would help our business.


What were your biggest key takeaways from the program?

Overall, the biggest key takeaways were to listen to your customers, understand their pain points and focus on where you can add value. It also taught me that you get out of the business what you put into it – so it really helped me focus on putting in the effort to the right areas in order to grow the business.


Do you have any advice for those looking to apply for future rounds of the Cyber Accelerator Program?

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