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POSTED ON 08-October-23

In the heart of Canberra, Kirra Services is a testament to Indigenous entrepreneurship. Established in 2017, this majority-owned, Supply Nation Certified business has made its mark in ICT and cyber security. By 2021, they secured the largest-ever Australian Channel deal at a staggering $15 million, marking a significant milestone in Indigenous ICT projects. Kirra Services, proudly 100% Australian-owned, has extended its influence far beyond Canberra, earning trust in both Government and Corporate sectors. We had the privilege of chatting with Trish Young, the driving force behind Kirra Services Cyber Career Starter Program, to explore their remarkable journey and pioneering initiatives in cyber security.


What does Kirra Services do?


Kirra Services covers the following offerings:

  • Value add ICT Hardware & Software Reseller
  • Labour Hire & Recruitment services
  • Coaching and Scribing Services
  • Kirra Academy – and the Cyber Career Starter Program
  • Professional & Managed Services
  • Specialised Training in ICT, Cyber Security, Project Management and Professional services.


What is your organisations cyber security expertise and capability?

  • Conduct Cyber Security services including Essential 8, IRAP, Governance, SIEM, and SOC
  • Cyber Career Starter Program – flagship program delivered under the Kirra Services Academy.
  • The Academy runs several entry level ICT and job skill courses that are delivered both in person at its purpose-built training facility, or in rural communities and online.


How do you help candidates get into cyber security?


We recognise the significant shortage of cyber specialists, and the government is eager to boost local capabilities. Unfortunately, relying on skilled overseas workers is not a viable option due to citizenship prerequisites and lengthy clearance procedures.


Our solution lies in the training of Australians. Kirra Services has recently secured a substantial federal government grant through the ICT Cyber Regional Employment Pathway initiative. They have introduced the Cyber Career Starter Program, designed to create a pathway for more Indigenous and regional individuals to enter the cyber security field, with a special focus on bolstering the Commonwealth Public Service's cyber workforce.


What advice do you have for those who wish to pursue a career in the industry?


You can never do too much training or know too many people in the industry.


Does your organisation have career opportunities and career pathways available?


We offer specialised recruitment services to fill short and long-term resourcing needs with the best talent. We have labour hire licences in most states (South Australia in progress) and offer comprehensive payroll and financial services to our candidates. Whilst we specialise as an ICT recruiter, we also fill roles across several disciplines including administration, policy, change and governance. Kirra Services is a DISP Level 2 Member, and we can clear up to NV1, with NV2 scheduled for late-2023.


Kirra Services strives to help Indigenous people and remote communities embrace this emerging trend and secure training and opportunities that were traditionally out of reach allowing them to remain in their communities and on-country.


The Cyber Career Starter Program is our in-house 6-month Cyber employment pathway that is flexible, includes bridging ICT and general Job skill content, results in two industry certification (ISC2 and CISCO) and includes a 8 week internship to round off training giving our student every chance to accelerate entry into a cyber career.

We are always looking for businesses who would like to take on our trainees though our internships, as part of our Cyber Career Starter Program.


What do you see as your customer’s biggest pain point, and how do your unique products and services assist them in addressing these issues?


Our customers struggle to understand their cyber maturity level and what real risks their business or organisation are exposed to. Kirra offers a cyber gap analysis and remediation plan services targeting small to medium-sized organisations.


What advice do you have for everyday Australians about cyber security?


Get a good password that doesn’t involve the family pet or anyone’s birthday and remember that surprise lotto win is always too good to be true.


To find out more about Kirra Services and the Cyber Career Starter Program, visit Cyber Career Starter Program – Kirra Services Academy